News of 3197 Turn Minus 17

News of 3197
Turn -17: 3197.100 – 3197.149

Corruption Arrests

Dateline 3197.017 Cat’s Foot Sector AI
Police arrested 20 senior military figures in dawn raids yesterday on charges of corruption and fraud. A large quantity of records were also siezed. The officers were all involved in a range or arms purchases from the Wimpey Furgusson Corporation and are alleged to have taken bribes and falsified contract records, charging the government for quantities of equipment that were never bought. The scandal apparently came to light when a junior employee of Wimpey Furgusson accidentally discovered that there were significant mis-matches between quantities supplied by the corporation and the number show on internal government documents.

Battle of Asstek

Quadrant 7.  Grid 653084.  Stardate 3197.079.
This battle was originally kept secret by the Esteelers until it became clear that this was part of a widespread threat to humanity.  This was their first contact battle with the alien enemy. They reportedly engaged what has since been identified as two fully operational Exterminators which had just destroyed the colony and station on Asstek.  The fleet was severly mauled, but managed to withdraw a number of ships. Reports indicate that at least one of the Exterminators was badly damaged in the fight.

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