News for 3227 Turn 179

Comined efforts of all polities in Q7 has brought the DinoFlu epidemic under control. Cases are dropping rapidly and control measure have been eased in all affected worlds in Q7.
Reports are coming in from Q0 about the Grand Armada’s operations in HEB Space. Following the destruction of the HEB’s military capabilities, there remains considerable work in stabilising their systems following the HEB’s political and economic collapse. Currently the combined fleets plan to remain in HEB space for ‘some considerable time’.
Unexpectedly large crowds gather on Potomax to protest againt alleged corruption of the quadrant GFA Governor. Despite assurances from the Asteel Federal Bureau of Investigation that the rumours are groundless, many are being stirred up by a mysterious blogger, known only as ‘C’ who claims insider knowledge of the Governor’s wrongdoings.
A further 64 members of the Zhang Regime’s inner circle have been charged under Imperial Law and are currently being tried. Observers predict that they will almost certainly be found guilty. Meanwhile plans for the new election proceed and campaigning has started, with the moderate Colonial Growth and Equality Party (CGE) in the lead in the polls.
A buried entry point that has been uncovered has been opened and the initial chambers mapped and examined by robots. So far the structure appears empty though only about 0.5% of the volume has been mapped so far. Military forces are on standby in case of a major GS9 infestation (a common risk in large unexplored Forerunner structures).
Reports are coming in of a super-fast USO moving in the Y19 system and that New Republican fleet elements attempted, but failed, to intercept it. The Colonial government on Y19 has said this is probably no more than a sensor malfunction and that there was almost certainly nothing in the stories.
Reports are coming in of the largest multi-national fleet operation since the Exerminator War being conducted at W19. Traders are avoiding the system and the colonists are increasingly concerned. We asked Admiral Molloy, head of the JAC for comment and she said “We are simply testing our search & destroy capability”. When asked if colonists in Q7 should be worried, she said “No”.

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